Custom Gym Design

Fitness Center Design for Corporate and Home Gyms

The New Jersey fitness trainers and gym designers at GT Fitness Concepts, LLC have hands-on experience in handling all your gym design needs. Whether it be a large corporate setting, or a personal home gym, we are proficient in designing the perfect gym for needs and budget!

GT Fitness Concepts will lead you step by step in the gym designing process:

  • At the onset, we establish what your needs are.
  • We then determine what the total square footage specifications are.
  • Once we know the size of the space, we can then shop for equipment and make the proper recommendations.
  • We then design the gym and go over the equipment layout to build a superlative workout space.
  • We sit down with the individual or individuals to go over pricing, cost estimates, and equipment recommendations, and then we finalize the details.

GT Fitness Concepts, LLC always recommends environmentally friendly products as well as equipment that has been proven to be operationally top of the line.

GT Fitness Concepts Corporate & Home Fitness Programs:

GT Fitness Concepts, LLC offers fitness both inside and outside our beautiful studio. We offer fitness to companies of all sizes. We create the perfect setting that suits your specific needs. We have professionally managed fitness and wellness centers for the past decade.

We bring to the facility seminars to educate the employees, an array of large classes, small group training, 2FIT buddy training, and 1 on 1 personal training.

You hire us, and we do all the work in creating the perfect program for your corporate setting.

We offer an exciting perspective on health and wellness and pride ourselves in providing the best services in the area.