Take a load off and experience total relaxation with one of our experienced massage therapists. Choose from 1 of multiple types of massage techniques depending on your needs. Choose from 60 or 90 minute single massages or packages of 5.

Types of Massage

General Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage:
Therapeutic massage as applied by the therapist at GT Fitness Concepts and is about pressure and intention, along with the goals set by an intake form and discussion that occurs with the client prior to the start of the session. Often pressure and intention is varied throughout the session as the therapist evaluates the integrity of the tissue being worked and how it responds. Client input and feedback is always encouraged. Assisted stretches and movement of joints can be applied at any level of massage therapy.

Pressure of 1-2: Relaxation Massage; long, rather light and broad strokes are used to connect the body from one region to another, intention is on superficial tissues. This pressure is most often utilized for a relaxing full body session, also known as a Swedish massage. There is less tissue displacement in this pressure than in any of the others.

Pressure 3-4: Referred to as medium; strong, moderately firm strokes often intended to mobilize restricted soft tissues. Can be applied full body or used locally for specific pain and restricted range of motion issues, or what clients often refer to as knots.

Pressure 4-5: Often referred to as “deep tissue” massage: Usually applied to specific issues and concentrated areas of the body that really feel stuck, and stagnate or the client feels the need to get in deep to meet the pain. The pressure is firm and feels deep, and is also usually applied at a slower pace. Not usually a full body application, but concentrated to specific areas and integrated with other pressure therapies. It has a tendency to leave a little lingering soreness, with the intention of increased mobilization of the tissues.

Sports Massage:
Sports therapy is simply applied to athletic clients, according to what their tissues respond to, but does often incorporate stretch and joint movements. It is a great addition to training, or any level of exercise to assist muscle tissue in getting back to a neutral state. Many clients report less soreness and improved range, fewer injuries.GT Fitness Conceptss offers pre-workout or pre-competition sessions that warm up the tissue and prepare it for endurance

Hot Stone Massage:
This massage is performed using heated basalt stones. The heat from the stones is transferred to the body and warms the tissue to allow ease of muscle movement. This type of massage is fabulous for clients seeking a deeply relaxing massage. It is a perfect way for clients who have difficulties mentally unwinding to ease the mind in turn allowing the therapist to work out areas of muscle tension.

A point of reference in your foot for every organ in the body, sound cool? That is the theory of reflexology. During this session the therapist works the points in the foot to enhance the health of organs in the body. By stimulating these points the therapist may be unblocking meridians, increasing blood flow and helping to restore homeostasis within the entire body.

Neuromuscular and trigger point therapies:
Specifically applied to trigger points in the body, or what clients often call knots, which are small, mini, localized muscle spasms. Sometimes the points are tender and highly sensitive which might require a lighter touch. Other times, they best respond to deep sustained pressure and/or friction and kneading. Trigger points classically refer pain to areas that might be further away than one can imagine. Think of classic heart attack symptoms. Hence, it can take time to find the exact area the pain is originating from. Exploration is indicated. It is not unusual for low back pain to come from an active trigger point in the gluteal area, or for a headache to come from a point in the upper shoulder, known as trapezius muscle, or the SCM muscle in the neck, but when the source is found and the therapy applied, the release and pain reduction can be significant.

Medical Massage
Medical Massage is for people who had previous injuries. This technique targets weak areas. For example acl tears, meniscus tears, subluxation of the shoulders bulging and herniated discs. The massage therapist uses certain techniques and manipulations based on their weak points.